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This is what I’ve been working on for the last three weeks. It’s the result of a workshop in Fine Arts with the theme “icons” (computer icons/celebrities/fashion icons/religious icons, etc).

I chose to work with movie icons from two different eras. This project has been a lot about ideals, patterns and anatomy. I named the project Iconatomy from the words “icon” and “anatomy.”

I have worked with a collage technique, but in a computer, which for me is a first. I am really pleased with the end product and I want to develop this concept further.

(Click here to see more of my art.)

Edit: Two things people are wondering about that I thought I could make clear.
1. The pictures are not morphed in any way. What you see is a collage of two different people in each picture. Did it take me a long time to find the right pictures? Hell yes it did! :-)
2. People are commenting on the “comparison” I’m making with these pictures. About that, I just want to say that I am not comparing anything here. Sorry if you feel that your favourite actor or actress was “paired up” with someone you don’t like.

Thank you everyone for liking it so much, I’m really blown away by the feedback I’m getting!


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The Harry Potter Novels According to Narcissa Malfoy


1. Narcissa Malfoy and He’s Not Going To Durmstrang


2.Narcissa Malfoy and What Happened to Our House Elf, Lucius

3.Narcissa Malfoy and and The Injury of her Poor Baby

4. Narcissa Malfoy and the Time She Had Something Foul Smelling Under Her Nose

5. Narcissa Malfoy and the Time Her Sister Broke Out of Azkaban and Came to Live in Her House

6. Narcissa Malfoy and He’s Just a Boy

7. Narcissa Malfoy and That Time She Saved the World

(credit to MusicalGypsy)

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I laughed.  >_>

I laughed.  >_>

I’ll update…

later.  I’m just too tired most of the time.  >_<

DINNER WAS DELICIOUS!  We were traveling around this food market, and we got sucked into this restaurant where we saw fellow travelers also get sucked in.  Friendly people and lots of hungry tourists eating before 10PM?  CHECK. 

The best food we had for dinner by far has been the black paella, paella with squid ink and seafood.  I think I ate about half of that plate, as well as a bunch of tapas, and helped polish off wine. 

On a bright note, I think I’ve managed to adapt to Barcelona time a lot faster than the rest of my family has.  It’s 9:18AM right now, and everyone else is conked out in their bed.  COLLEGE CONDITIONING TO STAY UP FOR 48 HOURS, AWW YEAH.

So, after about a day of traveling, we arrived in our lovely little service apartment.  I’ll take pictures later, I’m too tired right now…  Having unpacked a little, we went out and explored our neighborhood in search for food.  We found a little bar ristorante, and ordered set dishes for all 6 of us.  THE HOUSE WINE, AND THE LITTLE OCTOPI WERE DELICIOUS.


This tumblr will now have pictures of food/perhaps sights I see in Spain for the next 10 days.  AWWW YEEAHHHH.


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